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The new drug phenomenon!

Supporting evidence based practice in child protection cases: quality of hair analysis results

Students discover Forensic Science

Cansford was present at the Scientific Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) in Bordeaux

20th Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) in Brazil - 2015

SoHT - Annual conference in Bordeaux

Do you know the signs of drug and alcohol use?!

Cansford Laboratories most recent research paper published in Drug Testing and Analysis / Wiley Online Library

Scientists that pioneered drug and alcohol abuse testing technology celebrate 21 year milestone

Happy Birthday - 21 years of hair testing!

Increased sensitivity of hair alcohol test for abstinence assessment

Time is a critical element to getting child custody cases resolved effectively without excessive costs.

Hair test results for drugs and alcohol use - within 3 working days

Article on drug users who switch from ecstasy to mephedrone

Birmingham Competition Winner Announced ………………. !

Accreditation for Drug Testing Laboratories Explained

Toxicology: Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Report on lethal use of legal highs

Hair Drug Testing Results in 3 days

How to choose the best hair sample collector

Workplace drug testing policy

With child custody cases, fast testing times makes all the difference

Drug Consumption Levels?

London Competition Winner Announced ………………. !

Which sample to use in drug testing?

Manchester Competition Winner Announced ................... !

Head hair versus Body Hair: How accurate is body hair compared to head hair analysis?

Is Mephedrone use now more common then Cocaine use?

Understanding Drug testing

2013 BASW Cymru Social Work Awards

Drug use in England - statistics.

What drugs kill the most people in the UK?

Oral Fluid Testing for Recent Drug Use Episode (or Incident)

Alcohol an increasing problem for Children under 11

Overview of how drug testing works

Hair testing in family cases where drugs are a risk factor

Rational choices and drug taking.

Does your organisation have a drug testing policy?

Hair Testing Results Presented at International Scientific Conference

Drug and Alcohol screening in the workplace is like 'a gate'.

Wales drugs body chief backs workplace drugs testing

Firms' worries over staff taking drugs as mephedrone use grows

Fascinating facts about drug testing

UK Drug testing: Common scenarios and considerations

Drug testing in Sport - things are hotting up...

Should the police drug test everyone in custody?

Workplace drug testing - is someone in your office in love with drugs?

Why would someone choose hair strand drug testing?

The question of mandatory workplace drug testing

With child custody cases, time makes all the difference.

Cansford Labs support Llamau

Hair Analysis presented to Lawyers, Professors and Academics at the British Council São Paulo

Sports drug testing

Workplace Drug Testing Explained!

Bath Salts: The Drug That Never Lets Go

BBC - Health: Addictions

Time to put a cap on alcohol misuse - Telegraph

Amateur athletes 'could be taking dangerous fitness supplies' | Sport | The Guardian

High School To Collect Students’ Hair For Mandatory Drug Testing « CBS St. Louis

Millions of workers should be tested for drugs: Met chief declares war on substance abuse | Mail Online

Campaign warns about dangers of illegal drug mephedrone - Health News - News - WalesOnline

GPs urged to tackle drug-abuse patients | The Times

Newcastle 2CB drugs alert: Three men arrested

Hair Drug testing set to become very much quicker

Merry Christmas from all at Cansford!

Huge rise in legal highs alarms drug experts at European monitoring centre | Society | The Guardian

Our data seems to support the reported increase in Mephedrone use.

BBC News - Club drug treatment rises says National Treatment Agency

The Forensic Science Society

BBC News - 'Legal highs': Rapid rise in deaths reported

BBC News - "Legal highs" mexxy and black mamba banned by government

Cardiff Medicentre - Cansford joins PM in Brazil

Workplace drug testing, different matrices different objectives.

UKAS Accreditation achieved September 2012

BBC News - Swansea heroin fight 'may have masked meow meow boom'

BBC News - Meow meow: Mephedrone twice as common in Wales as 2011

David Cameron's Visit to Brazil September 2012

Hair Analysis for the emerging new drugs: Tramadol and Mephedrone

Toxicology: Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Drug Testing Using Hair: from an Expert Witness Perspective

Workplace Drug Testing: Different Matrices Different Objectives

working with homeless young people in South Wales - Llamau

Welsh Government | Pioneers of hair drug testing open new venture in Cardiff

BBC - Newsbeat - Plans to punish drug-drivers announced in Queen's Speech

Duo go hi-tech to replicate success of hair testing for drugs company