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3 Easy Ways to Protect the Chain of Custody in a Hair Drug Test

Posted by Kim Bagley on Jul 26, 2016

Where hair drug tests are used in Family Court, getting it done right is paramount. So if something goes wrong or procedure isn’t followed, it can be frustrating trying to rectify these mistakes.

A common issue that crops up with hair drug testing is securing the chain of custody. Once the hair sample has been taken, it needs to be handled with care throughout the process. If the results of the test will be used in court and there are any doubts about the integrity of the sample, Judges aren’t likely to take the chance of using the results to influence their decision, especially if the welfare of a child is at-risk.

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3 Ways to Secure the Chain of Custody in a Hair Drug Test

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on May 12, 2016

When the decision of a Family Court rests on the results of a hair drug test, mistakes can’t afford to be made. That’s why it’s frustrating when you’re tasked with ensuring a legitimate hair test is carried out, only you’re not sure what’s the best way to do this. 

If the chain of custody for a hair drug test is compromised, it could mean delays in a Family Law case. Worse still, a parent/guardian could unfairly lose access to their child. 

Here are 3 ways to safeguard the chain of custody and ensure the results of a hair drug test can hold up in court. 

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