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Hair drug and alcohol testing: Glossary of terms

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on Nov 12, 2017

Hair testing can be a complex subject to get to grips with - which is why we’ve published our FAQs for family lawyers, as well as our ‘Hair Testing 101’ articles that cover how drugs enter the hair, some of the techniques involved, and the importance of process.  

It’s a field where scientific terminology and acronyms - from metabolites to LC-MS/MS - can bewilder and bamboozle, and it’s easy to become blinded by the science involved. Ignoring the science altogether is one option, but a basic understanding of the terminology can help you understand how drug and alcohol test results come to pass, how we interpret them the way we do and what the results really mean.

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Behind the scenes of a hair drug test: What really happens in the lab

Posted by James Nutt on Jul 19, 2016

The hair sample has been taken and is on its way to the lab. For donors, it’s now a waiting game to see the outcome of the analysis. But what exactly is it a drug testing lab does to detect drug and alcohol use in just a few strands of hair? 

In the space of a couple of days, labs can analyse hair and reveal a donor’s drug use dating back months. The reports labs produce evaluating drug use can be extremely accurate, measuring drug use right down to the picogram level.

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