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How legal decisions are made using hair tests: the foundations of interpretation

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on Jul 19, 2017

Unpicking the world of hair testing for drug and alcohol can be a complex business. While the scientific community views the practice through a purely scientific lens, it’s a subject that’s equally important to others, like family lawyers and social workers, in terms of its application, results, and the interpretation of those results.

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3 Easy Ways to Protect the Chain of Custody in a Hair Drug Test

Posted by Kim Bagley on Jul 26, 2016

Where hair drug tests are used in Family Court, getting it done right is paramount. So if something goes wrong or procedure isn’t followed, it can be frustrating trying to rectify these mistakes.

A common issue that crops up with hair drug testing is securing the chain of custody. Once the hair sample has been taken, it needs to be handled with care throughout the process. If the results of the test will be used in court and there are any doubts about the integrity of the sample, Judges aren’t likely to take the chance of using the results to influence their decision, especially if the welfare of a child is at-risk.

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How hair drug testing works in Private and Public law cases

Posted by Kim Bagley on Jul 13, 2016

Hair drug testing can play a crucial role in a lot of Private and Public law cases. The results of the test can influence the court’s decision when it comes to child custody cases, access agreements and care proceedings. 

In Private law cases, hair testing may be used when there is a custody dispute or one of the parent’s is accusing the other of substance abuse. Hair testing may even be used in cases of domestic violence or paternity cases where DNA verification is required. 

In Public law cases where Local Authorities get involved, hair testing can be used in cases where the State needs to consider removing children from the care of their parents due to substance abuse. 

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How to choose the right drug and alcohol testing laboratory

Posted by Kim Bagley on Jun 28, 2016

One of the most important decisions that needs to be made in a drug and alcohol test is deciding which lab will conduct the test. This decision will have an impact on every remaining step in the process, so it’s important to get this right. 

The first thing you need to know is not all drug testing labs are the same. Although you may see them offering the same types of services, different labs have different approaches to their testing methods but also differ in terms of the credentials they boast.

Important criteria to distinguish between drug testing laboratories include their accreditation, participation in proficiency testing and the speed and cost of their service.

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Hair strand testing: How to be prepared for Family Court

Posted by James Nutt on Jun 16, 2016

When it comes to hair strand testing in Family Court, the last thing a Family Law specialist wants to do is stand up in court unprepared. The consequences of doing so could be catastrophic for their client, who could be fighting for custody of their child. 

So when it comes to being prepared, Family Lawyers can’t and shouldn’t take any chances. Here’s 3 things Family Lawyers need to do improve their preparations for Family Court. 

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