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The 4 key problems with POC devices when testing for substance misuse at work

Posted by John Wicks on Feb 15, 2018

While still a relatively new addition to laboratory diagnostics, point-of-care (POC) testing has evolved remarkably in the last few years. The principle for workplace drug testing devices is the same as an over-the-counter pregnancy test, and the issues are similar too.

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Why “cut-off” matters in drug testing

Posted by John Wicks on Apr 6, 2016

Imagine standing up in court where you’re about to learn whether or not you’ll gain custody of your children. This is a reality for many parents and often hinges on the results of a drug test. 

The fact is, cut-offs play an important role in determining whether or not someone has been using drugs, which can have a major impact on the decision of a family court. 

That’s why we’ve outlined in plain English what exactly cut-offs are and how they’re used in interpreting the results of a drug test.

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