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How will Brexit affect drug and alcohol testing in the UK?

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on May 4, 2018

While Brexit negotiations continue to drag along, one thing is clear: the UK’s exit from the EU will leave almost no part of British society unaffected.

This is especially true of the legal system. The UK now must untangle itself from five decades of EU directives, regulations and treaty provisions, creating a new paradigm for lawyers in this country.

For family lawyers, in particular, the inter-relationship between EU and domestic family law is likely to be altered by Brexit. What that means in practice is open to speculation.

But Brexit’s effects will extend beyond the letter of the laws and regulations. Over the last decade, drug and alcohol testing has become a central component of family law proceedings in the UK - and testing, like so many other parts of the legal system, will also be affected.

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