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The workplace drug testing rules around Europe

Posted by John Wicks on Jan 9, 2019

Workplace drug testing in Europe is a tricky business.

The European Convention on Human Rights guarantees the right to personal privacy, but waives it for cases involving public safety, the prevention of disorder and crime, or the protection of health and morals - among others. Further directives state that employers have a duty to ensure the health and safety of workers (at the employer’s cost), and they must consult workers on questions related to health and safety at work. Employees, meanwhile, are obliged to inform their employers of any serious and immediate danger to safety and health in the workplace - including their own.

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[Cansford says] Randox forensics inquiry: Forty drug-driving offences quashed

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on Dec 19, 2018

The fall-out from the Randox drink-drug testing scandal continues, after the laboratory acted as whistleblower on several of its staff on the discovery that QC (Quality Control) results were found to have been manipulated over an extended period.

Around 10,500 drug and alcohol test results are being reviewed, and two ex-Randox staff have been arrested in what The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) has called a "most serious breach" of testing standards. So far, this has also resulted in 40 drug-driving offences being overturned UK-wide, and more than 50 drug-driving cases being dropped due to incorrect results.

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Our top hair testing blogs of 2018

Posted by John Wicks on Dec 14, 2018

To (mis) quote John Lennon: hair testing moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

So, just in case you’ve missed any of our blogs over the last 12 months, here’s a gift-wrapped bundle featuring our top hair testing blogs of 2018…

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[Cansford says] Facilitate access to screening, brief interventions and treatment

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on Dec 6, 2018

According to a 2018 NHS and National Statistics report, alcohol was the cause of 337,000 hospital admissions in 2016/17: a figure 1% lower than the previous 12 months, but 17% higher than ten years ago. Alcohol was also responsible for 5,507 deaths in 2016: an increase of 4% on 2015.

How can these worrying figures be lowered?

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10 dates all family lawyers should have in their 2019 diary

Posted by John Wicks on Nov 29, 2018

The family law calendar is looking pretty busy for 2019. Bill reforms, report publications, conferences, elections and (of course) Brexit are all likely to have an impact on the work family lawyers do next year.

Some of these things will have more impact than others, but it’s good to be prepared. And prepare you we have, with our guide to 10 dates that all family lawyers should have in their diary for 2019.

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