Our Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024 opening times


Saska Shepherd

on Nov 30, 2023

We send you and yours the very best wishes for Christmas 2023 and the New Year 2024. Please see our laboratory opening times (below) over the festive period.

Monday 18th December 2023 9am-5pm
Tuesday 19th December 2023 9am-5pm
Wednesday 20th December 2023 9am-5pm
Thursday 21st December 2023 9am-5pm
Friday 22nd December 2022 9am-5pm
Saturday 23rd December 2023  Closed
Sunday 24th December 2023 Christmas Eve - Closed
Monday 25th December 2023 Christmas Day - Closed
Tuesday 26th December 2023  Boxing Day -Closed
Wednesday 27th December 2023 9am - 1pm
Thursday 28th December 2023 9am - 1pm
Friday 29th December 2023 9am - 1pm
Saturday 30th December 2023 Closed
Sunday 31st January 2024  Closed
Monday 1st January 2024 New Year’s Day - Closed
Tuesday 2nd January 2024 Normal opening hours. 9am-5pm
Wednesday 3rd January 2024 Normal opening hours. 9am-5pm
Thursday 4th January 2024 Normal opening hours. 9am-5pm
Friday 5th January 2024 Normal opening hours. 9am-5pm


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