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Happy Birthday - 21 years of hair testing!

Posted on by James Nutt

The founders of Tricho Tech, and more recently Cansford Laboratories are celebrating 21 years in the field of hair drug testing, Cansford Laboratories is proud to be featured in the Western mail today.

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Increased sensitivity of hair alcohol test for abstinence assessment

Posted on by John Wicks


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Time is a critical element to getting child custody cases resolved effectively without excessive costs.

Posted on by Kim Bagley

We understand the desire of government and the family court service to reduce costs and improve delivery of expert witness services. At Cansford we are very conscious that delays in getting results of testing can be very frustrating. It can lead to extra costs, as Court cases have to be put back. And worse, it can add to the trauma that children have to suffer because resolution takes so long.

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