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Hair Drug testing set to become very much quicker

Posted on by John Wicks

Hair Drug testing is set to become very much quicker. Analytical Toxicology is a discipline that is often thought of as dealing with the identification of toxins or drugs after a death or other adverse event. However Cansford Laboratories is applying principles derived from manufacturing processing and new techniques coupled with state of the art analytical instrumentation for extremely rapid laboratory based analyses of drugs in Hair and oral fluid. This is of particular benefit to family care cases involving children at risk. Not only does the increased sensitivity of the analyses give greater confidence of correctly identifying a person or parent with a drug issue but the speed of the analysis and associated processing mean that a report can be back with the solicitor within 3 days of the sample arriving at the laboratory. The time saving itself can save court time and money and when coupled with a highly efficient system developed using lean manufacturing principles more commonly applied to production lines in Car and electronic device assembly.

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Merry Christmas from all at Cansford!

Posted on by James Nutt

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