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A history of workplace drug testing in the UK

Posted by John Wicks on Apr 25, 2017

Across the globe, drug testing is mandatory in many workplaces: a 2013 report from HireRight claimed that 78% of US employers have a drug and alcohol testing programme in place, with a Quest Diagnostics report from 2016 showing that positive drug tests in US workplaces have recently climbed to a ten-year high.

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The ethics of hair drug and alcohol testing

Posted by John Wicks on Mar 22, 2017

Following the death of 13-month old Kayleigh Mae Cassel from a drug overdose, the State Senate of New York has approved legislation which introduces hair testing for young children whose parents or guardians have been arrested on a drug use charge. The goal is to establish whether or not the children have been given or exposed to drugs, and hopefully prevent further cases like Kayleigh Mae’s.

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