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Hair testing 101: How do drugs and alcohol enter hair – and how long do they stay there?

Posted by John Wicks on Aug 16, 2017

Hair testing is a complex, specialist, lab-based process, but the questions our team are asked on a day-by-day basis are firmly rooted in the real world. They reflect hair testing’s growing contribution to social work, family law and workplace drug testing.

Two questions crop up more often than most. How do drugs and alcohol get into hair – and how long do they stay detectable with hair testing?

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How legal decisions are made using hair tests: the foundations of interpretation

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on Jul 19, 2017

Unpicking the world of hair testing for drug and alcohol can be a complex business. While the scientific community views the practice through a purely scientific lens, it’s a subject that’s equally important to others, like family lawyers and social workers, in terms of its application, results, and the interpretation of those results.

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Drug testing for professional drivers: The global picture

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on Jun 15, 2017

Occupational drug use is of concern in any profession, but when the employees are driving heavy vehicles for long distances and at high speed, even a momentary lapse in concentration could lead to the most serious of consequences – for the driver, their employers, and most importantly, other road users.

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Hair testing for new psychoactive substances (NPS): The challenges

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on May 23, 2017

Clockwork Orange, Black Mamba, Benzo Fury, Bromo-Dragonfly. These are just a few of the new psychoactive substances (NPS) in existence across the globe - also known as “legal highs”, “herbal highs” or “designer drugs”.

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Society of Hair Testing Interview Series: Alberto Salomone

Posted by Lolita Tsanaclis on Apr 19, 2017

From the 12th to the 14th of June this year, we’ll be hosting the Scientific Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) in Cardiff. As a preview, we’ve brought together the keynote speakers from the conference for a series of exclusive interviews. This month: Alberto Salomone.

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